New Features And Enhancements In v3.1

September 11, 2019

In this article:

  • New Marketing Automation.
  • New in-clinic chat feature.
  • Store additional information for quick add patient files.
  • New “Recent interactions” window when creating appointments.
  • Cost tracking for referral sources.
  • Additional “Relation” choices added for alternate contact.

Marketing Automation

We are pleased to release our new Marketing Automation in Blueprint OMS that will help clinics stay on top of patient marketing and follow-up. Each day, Blueprint OMS will automatically send out marketing emails based on 6 campaigns that can be individually activated and customized.

You can enable the feature from the setup menu under Marketing Automation. Watch this overview video to see how it works:


Visit our user guide for details on how to configure this feature.

Clinic chat

Initiate chat conversations within your clinic using Blueprint OMS. Simply click the chat icon in the lower left corner of Blueprint OMS and select the user(s) you would like to chat with.

Chat in action.

Check out the user guide page for more information

Store additional information for quick add patient files

Quick add patient files will now have the Journal, Marketing, and Documents tabs. This change brings additional functionality to Quick Adds by allowing document storage, the updating of referral sources, and the addition of journal notes to a quick add file.

Patient tabs now available for quick add patients.

New “Recent interactions” window when creating appointments

To complement the Marketing Automation, a section labeled Recent interactions will now appear when creating appointments. This window displays any marketing campaigns that the patient has recently received and helps make sure that the correct referral source is listed on the appointment.

Recent interactions window when creating appointments.

Cost tracking (ROI) for referral sources

Cost for individual referral sources may now be listed in the setup menu when creating or editing referral sources. The cost listed on the referral source will then be used to calculate an ROI that can be viewed in the Referral Source – Sales report.

Adding cost to a referral source.

Additional “Relation” choices for alternate contact

Additional choices have been added to the Alternate Contact “Relation” drop-down. These include Son, Daughter, Grandchild, Caregiver-Facility, Caregiver-Private, POA, and Other.

Have questions about these features? Our support team is always ready to assist! Get started by visiting our Help Center.

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