Blueprint OMS Features

Key Features

Schedule Patients, Providers, Locations and ResourcesScheduling

Blueprint OMS makes managing time, providers, patients, clinic locations, and resources a breeze — All within an easy to use, graphical user interface.

Tracking of multi-location and multi-provider clinics is extremely easy, with functions to block provider availability and sound booths, fitting rooms, etc. across clinic locations.

Blueprint OMS offers fast, drag-and-drop rescheduling capability and right-click access to appointment action options. Appointment details are shown instantly in a detail panel when hovering over an appointment.

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Smart Summary ScreenMulti-tasking Patient Data

With Blueprint OMS you can work with multiple patient files simultaneously. You can quickly switch to other functions such a booking an appointment or checking a patient in, without having to save and close other work in progress. This is a BIG time saver. Blueprint OMS is the only cloud-based system to offer this fundamental functionality.

This is just one of the many reasons that make Blueprint OMS the leading solution for hearing healthcare practices today. Designed for the busy practice to be scalable, customizable, configurable and user-friendly.

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Go PaperlessCustom Forms and Letters

Take your practice to the next level — Make your practice-specific forms part of your Blueprint OMS!

Create forms using Microsoft Word or create as on-screen editable PDFs. Customize with your logo and personal touch. You can even enable your forms for electronic patient signatures.

Blueprint OMS will fill out the form for you, saving you time and providing a consistent, professional look across your clinical documentation and correspondence. Forms can be edited on-screen, signed, and archived in the patient file for a true paperless solution.

Our experienced support team is ready to assist you with creating your practice-specific forms.

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