Financial Tracking

Sales, Payments, Returns, Exchanges, Credits and Refunds  

Process all Accounts Receivables for patients and insurers quickly and easily in Blueprint OMS.

Generate custom estimate, invoice, and receipt templates with your clinic logo to promote brand awareness. Include custom disclaimers and notes.

Email copies of receipts to patients with a click and Go Paperless!

Click here for more information on the real-time Blueprint/QuickBooks integration, eliminating all double-entry.

Financial Reporting for Patients and 3rd Parties  

From a bird’s eye view, right down to individual transaction details, the Blueprint OMS Dashboard provides immediate business insight — Instantly gauge clinic performance!

Additionally, access an array of comprehensive, financial reports including:

  • A/R aging details
  • Open balances
  • Referral source revenue
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) including ASP, return vs. exchange percentage, COGS, and profit percentages
  • Closing rates

Managed Care Program / 3rd Party Tracking  

Work with TruHearing, HearUSA, EPIC, etc? No problem. Managed care program tracking in Blueprint OMS allows you to track hearing aids on file without affecting your Average Selling Price and Unit Sold reports.

Don’t forget: Managed care forms, or your clinic-specific purchase agreement, will be on-screen editable documents. What’s more — Patients can sign electronically!

Email/Fax financial forms and agreements directly out of Blueprint OMS.

A/P Functionality for Posting Manufacturer Bills and Credits  

Accurately tracking your Cost of Goods Sold will give you the best profit percentage reporting capability — To maximize efficiency, Blueprint allows for the easy entry of manufacturer bills.

Streamline bill entry at the Head Office or enter bills upon hearing aid arrival.

With the real-time Blueprint/QuickBooks integration, bills post as actual accounts payable items in the Vendor Center in QuickBooks. What’s More — When hearing aids are returned/exchanged, manufacturer credit posting and patient refund checks populate for printing.

Credit Card Processing  

Give your practice the easiest solution available for processing credit cards.

  • Simply swipe or key enter your patients’ credit cards securely in seconds.
  • Payments are processed directly in Blueprint OMS and immediately posted to the patient’s account.
  • All major credit cards, including health savings cards, are accepted.
  • Free up counter space with the small USB attached card swiper provided.

Bank Deposit Tracking  

Track undeposited funds and bank deposits by location and/or payment type. Manage multiple banks at the same time and even track amounts withheld for petty cash.

A handy-dandy bank deposit slip auto-generates for you to bring with to the bank, listing all cash and check payments selected for deposit.

If linked to QuickBooks, payments will move from Undeposited funds into the specified bank account instantly.

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