Canadian Insurance Billing

Insurance Coverage and Benefit Code Tracking  

Easily manage insurer-covered pricing and benefit codes for all services, accessories, and batteries sold at your practice. Blueprint OMS will manage hearing aid and aid option benefit code and pricing updates for you!

Products and services covered by the patient’s insurer are denoted in your product catalog for clear visibility and quick selection.

Pricing Updates  

Blueprint OMS maintains insurer-covered pricing and benefit codes for you for all hearing aids and aid options. Private-pay pricing for these items can be adjusted as necessary.

With automatic catalog updates, you can ensure billing is quick, consistent, and accurate.

Ontario WSIB  

Canadian clients can optionally bill WSIB electronically, through Telus, directly in Blueprint OMS.

Claims are submitted nightly. Updated claim status and EFT payments are received from WSIB back into Blueprint OMS as well.

Easily track claim submission status within one convenient screen.

Claim Forms  

Insurance claims forms auto-populate in Blueprint OMS with patient, provider, and clinic information. Services rendered, products sold, benefit codes, and pricing all display within an editable claim form, which can be adjusted on-screen if necessary.

Forms include:


  • DVA/VAC/RCMP/CAF/DND Medavie Blue Cross
  • NIHB HA & Repair Approval



  • ADP
  • NIHL Questionnaire
  • NIHL Outcome Report
  • NIHL Trial Period
  • NIHL Assessment
  • NIHL Rehabilitation
  • WSIB Travel Expense
  • WSIB HA Early Replacement
  • WSIB HA Special Needs Request


  • WCB AB C659
  • WCB AB C660
  • WCB AB C662
  • WCB AB C972
  • WCB AB C1265
  • WCB AB C1266
  • AADL Client Declaration
  • AADL FM/DM Validation Certificate
  • AADL FM/DM Service Certificate
  • AADL HA/PLD Validation Certificate
  • AADL Repair/Earmold Service Certificate
  • AADL Cochlear Implant Receipt
  • AADL BAHD Receipt

British Columbia

  • Worksafe BC 83D110
  • Worksafe BC 83D73
  • Worksafe BC 83D72
  • Worksafe BC 69D9
  • Worksafe BC 51D12
  • Worksafe BC51W6
  • Worksafe BC51D4


  • WCB MB Hearing Loss Billing

Saskatchewan, Quebec, Newfoundland, PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories, and Yukon

  • Use the auto-populated invoice, containing applicable patient ID, group, health card, and authorization numbers.

Custom, Automatic Recalls  

Ensure you maximize billing opportunities!

Custom, automatic recalls can be created specifically for your office to ensure you maximize billing opportunities and relevant touch-points with your patients.

Patient recalls can automatically populate at defined intervals based on billing codes invoiced on a patient file — Serves as an excellent reminder of patient eligibility for hearing aids and services.

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