Insurance Billing

Track Insurers  

Blueprint OMS offers a complete insurance billing processing option, from physician referral to electronic claim submission and payment tracking.

Add one or more insurers to a patient file and track insurance payments, outstanding balances, write-offs, and more. Optionally, scan insurance cards to the patient’s Document tab.

HCFA 1500 Claim Form  

Blueprint OMS comes complete with a full listing of hearing health related ICD codes for tracking on patient files. Additionally, you can manage your clinic’s own product and service catalog with CPT codes.

After selecting from the list of services performed, you can quickly generate a HCFA 1500 claim form which will include the ICD codes selected, referring physician information, CPT codes, insurance information, provider billing information, etc.

The HCFA form can be edited directly on-screen and submitted electronically in EDI 837 format with a single click.

Electronic Claims Processing (Free)  

Claims can be submitted electronically directly out of Blueprint OMS with a single click. Electronic billing with Blueprint OMS is FREE.

Electronic claims submissions result in fewer denials and quicker payments.

Blueprint OMS uses ANSI standards for sending insurance claims. This gives you several choices for selecting your preferred clearing house. Each clearinghouse offers different advantages when it comes to pricing, service, and portal functionality.

Our preferred list of clearinghouses are:

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