Inventory and Loaner Management  

Blueprint OMS provides a complete hearing aid inventory and loaner/trial management module. Main features include:

  • Generating purchase orders
  • Receiving inventory
  • Moving stock aids between locations and tracking items in transit
  • Manufacturer bill posting to QuickBooks
  • Managing inventory in multiple locations
  • Selling from inventory
  • Loaning from inventory
  • Generating loaner agreements Click to view¬†agreement
  • Full inventory posting to QuickBooks

The Inventory module provides an easy-to-use interface with simple drag-and-drop functionality. Optionally, activate full posting to QuickBooks to reflect your inventory value and track your vendor bills and cost of goods.

Multi Location Tracking  

Inventory can be easily managed within multiple locations. View inventory in one or more locations at a time.

To transfer inventory from one location to another, simply drag-and-drop an item to the location it is being sent to.

Hearing aid history is tracked for a quick view of dates in which a hearing aid was ordered, received, loaned, or returned to stock.

Tracking Loaner/Trial Hearing Aids  

Track hearing aids out on loan or in trial. Generate a loaner agreement for the patient to sign before leaving the office.

A Recall is automatically generated for any patients approaching the return date of their loaned aid.

Easily see all aids on loan in the Inventory module, as well as complete the sale of loaned aids or return them to stock for tracking.

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