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Technical support is included in the monthly subscription fee, and is available via telephone or email, during our standard business hours.
We are also able to provide remote assistance via the internet, for training or troubleshooting purposes. It’s like having a Blueprint OMS expert right beside you!

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User Guide

The user guide is an online book that shows you step by step how to do everything in Blueprint. You can access this by clicking the USER GUIDE button below or in Blueprint OMS by going to Help -> User guide.
User Guide


We have videos available that will walk you through the steps to accomplish all of the main features available in Blueprint OMS. These videos range from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Click on the VIDEO TUTORIALS button below or in Blueprint OMS going to Help -> Tutorials.
Video Tutorials

Support Ticket

Submitting a support ticket is a great way to ask a question or request for changes to be made in Blueprint OMS. Submitting a ticket will e-mail the support and technical team. You can send us a ticket in Blueprint OMS by clicking the SUBMIT TICKET button below or in Blueprint OMS by going to Help -> Submit support ticket.
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Call Us

If you ever have a question please give us a call. We always have a support team available to you.

Toll Free (US): (877) 686-8410
Toll Free (Canada): (888) 517-4622
International: +1 (416) 479-0839
UK: (020) 8138-0491

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