Scheduling And Online Appointment Booking

Online Patient Appointment Scheduling  

You are now able to integrate your website and Blueprint OMS schedule. This enables your new or existing patients to book appointments directly from your website!

You are able to control available appointment type, provider, and location directly in Blueprint OMS. Patients will only see the available openings that you have created. 

The appointment will appear automatically on your Blueprint OMS schedule and can be synced to your smart phone.

Blueprint OMS will automatically send appointment reminders via email or text. Patients are able to confirm their appointment with a single click! 

Schedule Patients, Providers, Locations and Resources  

Blueprint OMS makes managing time, providers, patients, clinic locations, and resources a breeze — All within an easy to use, graphical user interface.

Tracking of multi-location and multi-provider clinics is extremely easy, with functions to block provider availability and sound booths, fitting rooms, etc. across clinic locations.

Blueprint OMS offers fast, drag-and-drop rescheduling capability and right-click access to appointment action options. Appointment details are shown instantly in a detail panel when hovering over an appointment.

Appointment statistics  

Appointment statistics can be easily tracked and viewed within a report. Statistics tracked include:

  • Referral sources (with graphing and filtering options)
  • 3rd party presence
  • Closing rates
  • Patient punctuality
  • Appointment duration
  • Provider punctuality
  • Number and percentage of appointments by type

Customize your Scheduling View  

Choose between many different display options such as:

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • View multiple or individual locations
  • Select color coding by provider or appointment type
  • Schedule by provider availability
  • Appointment status
  • Resources (Sound booths) booked

Quick Add  

When scheduling an appointment for a new patient, you can link the appointment to a QuickAdd patient, which captures basic patient information. The only information required to create a QuickAdd patient includes:

  • Patient name
  • Telephone #
  • Location
  • Referrer

Appointments for new QuickAdd patients can easily be identified on the schedule with a special status icon.

Scheduling and Rescheduling  

No need to recreate appointments in order to reschedule — Re-scheduling in Blueprint OMS is fast. Appointments automatically populate default information for an existing patient, such as clinic location, event type, notes, and provider.

Drag-and-drop to reschedule appointments or add appointments requiring rescheduling to a reschedule list for easy follow up.

Availability and Block Scheduling  

Set up block scheduling, with options for repeating reserved times.

Schedule blocks for weeks at a time, and assign open block appointments to a specific patient in a matter of seconds.

Automated Appointment Reminders  

Start saving time today with the Blueprint OMS automated appointment reminders by email or text.

Patients will receive an email or text message with appointment information automatically. What’s more — the patient can confirm their attendance or request rescheduling with a single click.

The schedule in Blueprint OMS is automatically updated with the status of the appointment based on the patient’s response.

Digital Waiting Room  

It’s like an In-office Instant Message! Check a patient into your clinic upon arrival.

This will automatically send a patient arrival notification to the provider. The provider can type a message back or respond with one of three standard messages.

On the schedule, track patients in the waiting room, ready for their appointments, or in an appointment with the provider. Get timing statistics for average wait times, patient punctuality, appointment processing times, and much more.

Sync to Smart Phone or Tablet  

See your appointment schedule wherever you are.

Blueprint OMS synchronizes seamlessly with your smartphone or tablet calendar.

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