Audiology and Medical Report Writer

Pure Tone, Speech and Impedance Display  

Track audiograms and speech information directly in your Blueprint OMS. Blueprint OMS can also integrate in real-time with NOAH, which provides the following functions:

  1. Transmitting patient data from Blueprint OMS to Noah
  2. Transmitting audiometric data (including tymp graph) from Noah to Blueprint OMS, where it becomes available for medical report writing and marketing opportunities.

Tinnitus, Cochlear Implant and Speech Pathology Patient Tracking  

Track medically-relevant classifications of patients including:

  • Hearing loss
  • Tinnitus
  • Balance
  • Speech pathology
  • Implant
  • Single-sided deafness
  • Auditory processing disorder
  • Middle ear pathology
  • Lyric candidate

Setup your own custom patient types to track your patient population. Easily target these segments of patients with relevant messages and information quickly and easily through the Blueprint OMS Marketing module.

Custom Audiology Templates and Forms  

We have several medical report templates which can be used as-is, or customized as desired. From single page reports displaying tympanometry and acoustic reflex, to multiple page reports with cover letters to referring physicians, there is a report that will suit your needs.

Audiograms of familiar sounds available for patient counseling sessions. Use your library of text snippets to quickly compose your reports for printing, faxing, or emailing directly out of Blueprint OMS.

The templates are available for download on our Marketing resources page, and can be tailored to your liking.

Fast Drag-and-Drop Composing with Custom Text Library  

Creating forms and reports is fast and efficient with the personalized text library in Blueprint OMS.

When editing forms or reports on-screen, select from a custom library of personalized text “snippets” — phrases which are frequently used. Simply double-click (or drag-and-drop) a snippet to use it, or type the “Auto text” shortcut which will be automatically replaced with the text string.

Email and Faxing  

Once you complete a medical report, simply email or fax the report directly from Blueprint OMS — No printing required!

Reports are automatically archived on a patient file for quick retrieval at a later time.

Any emails or faxes sent to, or on behalf of, a patient are visible within the patient’s file. Additionally, all faxes sent by your office are conveniently tracked within one screen.

ICD Code Population  

Blueprint OMS comes pre-loaded with all relevant ICD codes for hearing health. ICD codes are available for speech as well.

ICD codes selected will automatically populate on the HCFA 1500 form for insurance billing, as well as medical reports if desired.

Noah Integration  

Eliminate double-entry and increase office efficiency today — Blueprint OMS offers a real-time integration with Noah!

Once a patient is created in Blueprint OMS, the patient file is automatically created in Noah as well. Once you complete an audiologic data set in Noah, it is saved in Blueprint OMS where it is available for medical reports and marketing opportunities.

Tested, Not Sold Tracking  

Blueprint will track your Tested, Not Sold (TNS) patients for you — It’s true!

Tracking of TNS patients is based on the last assessment date on file, hearing loss specified (for candidacy verification), and whether or not hearing aids have been sold to the patient.

Quickly generate a list of tested, not sold patients through the Blueprint OMS Marketing module and populate custom letters, labels, and/or envelopes for correspondence.

Noah Cloud Hosting  

Interested in having your Noah database hosted in the cloud?

We can help! Take advantage of the opportunity to network your Noah databases with worry-free data storage. Additional fees apply.

Annual Hearing Test Reminders  

Blueprint will help you target patients due for annual hearing exams.

Tracking is based on the last assessment date on file.

Quickly generate a list of patients in need of an annual recall through the Blueprint OMS Marketing module and populate custom letters, labels, and/or envelopes for correspondence.

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