Branding Your Practice With Blueprint OMS

August 27, 2018

Branding is a very important aspect of any business. Whether you are opening a new practice, or you’ve been running one for many years. Branding is an essential part of helping your practice stand out from the rest and create brand awareness.


By creating a brand identity for your practice, you are developing an image that your patients recognize and trust. If you’re looking to start the branding process, or just want to update your clinic’s branding strategy- Blueprint Solutions is here to help you!


With Blueprint OMS, you have the option to send us your clinic’s logo and we can help upload the image into your system. Once it has been uploaded, it will populate on all of your documents. Including custom forms, audiology reports, and statements- just to meet a few!


Creating a specific logo for your practice will develop an overall image for your practice. Your patients will appreciate these documents because it makes their experience more personal and credible, versus simply handing them a generic piece of paper.


Aside from having a specific image, you can upload custom forms and templates into Blueprint OMS. These forms will serve a unique trademark for your practice and you can create them to fit your practice’s needs accordingly. Blueprint OMS offers an incredible step-by-step guide on how to create those on our website.


If you are looking to learn more on how to create these forms, contact our support team today!



Your Blueprint Solutions Team

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