Newest Enhancements and Fixes in Update 2 of v3.0

January 18, 2019

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Auto-populating Manufacturer forms now available for US and Canada

Many of the most frequently used manufacturer forms are now available in Blueprint OMS, including:

  • Custom hearing aid order forms
  • Repair order forms
  • Earmold order forms
  • Loss and damage forms
  • Return for credit forms

Manufacturers included are Oticon, Phonak, Unitron, Resound, Signia/Siemens, Widex, and Starkey.

When placing a new hearing aid order or repair order, clinics can now select any manufacturer-specific order form from a list of templates. 

Additionally, right-clicking on any hearing aid order will retrieve a list of all order forms available for the specified device manufacturer. Manufacturer forms will automatically populate with clinic, patient and hearing aid information, and on-screen editing allows for entry of any additional information. Completed forms can be easily sent to the manufacturer by email or fax.

Manufacturer forms for clinics in the UK will become available as we receive them.

If your clinic is outside the US, Canada or the UK, or you would like to have additional forms added to your system, you may send manufacturer forms to us at Forms must be in PDF format and must be digital (not scanned).

Scheduling view settings are remembered between sessions

Scheduling view settings will now be saved and retained between user sessions, even after closing and relaunching Blueprint OMS. Saved settings include the location selected, date range (e.g. 1 day, 5 day, 31 day), provider/appointment status/appointment type filtering, panel sizing and more.

New “Patient ready” notifications

The new “Ready” appointment status indicates that a patient has completed any necessary paperwork and is ready to be seen by the provider.

Marking an appointment “Ready” will send a second pop-up notification to the provider (this follows the first notification, sent when the appointment was marked “Arrived”).

Mark patient as Ready
Patient ready notification sent to the provider

Optionally, an appointment can be marked “Arrived and ready” in one step, so that the provider receives just a single “Patient ready” notification.

New “Merge patients” function

Duplicate patient files can now be merged together using the Merge patient option from the Patient menu.

Patient drop-down menu

The Merge patients wizard will allow you to choose the patients to be merged and resolve any discrepancies between the two files.

Merge Patients Wizard

Patient-specific notes for marketing groups

A patient-specific note can now be added to the patient’s entry in a marketing group.

These notes will be shown on the patient’s Marketing and Summary tabs, as well as the Group details.

Hovering over the group in the patient’s Summary tab reveals the note.
HIPAA patient grouping with dates in the group note field

New “Do not text” setting in Patient details

Mobile phone numbers (for both patients and alternate contacts) may now be marked as “Do not text. Phone numbers with this setting checked will not receive automated appointment reminders via text message (SMS).

Do not text checkbox

Enhanced filtering in the patient journal

Previously, the patient’s Journal could only be filtered by entry type. Now, it can be filtered by entry types, users (or both!). Additionally, appointment entries can now be hidden by unselecting the “Show appointments” setting.

Filter options in the journal

Manage audiometers from the “Setup” menu

Audiometers can now be managed from the Blueprint OMS Setup menu. This allows users to select the correct audiometer from a drop-down menu when entering audiograms, instead of typing those details manually each time. 

Selecting stored audiometers from the audiogram

For clinics using NOAH integration, audiometers referenced on NOAH audiograms will automatically be added to the Audiometers list in Blueprint OMS.

Audiometers listed in the setup menu

Manage Online Review integration from the “Setup” menu

For clinics using one of our Online review integrations, you can now select which appointment types should be enabled for online reviews from the Setup menu under Scheduling –> Event types.

Want to learn more about these features? Our support team is always ready to assist! Get started by visiting our Help Center!

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