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March 2, 2021

Access Oticon More Technology Letters directly in your Blueprint OMS

Easily reach out to new and current patients with information about the new Oticon More technology.

  1.     Download any (or all!) of the attached consumer database letters.
  2.     Upload into Blueprint OMS under Setup > Templates > Correspondence > save as type Patient correspondence for marketing campaigns.
  3.     Run a marketing campaign to target specific patients and use the print option to merge patient information into your Oticon More technology letters.


Standard letters
Window Letters

Optionally, attach the Oticon More technology letter as the print template for your Hearing aid 4 years or older marketing automation campaign.

Manual Marketing Campaign step-by-step guide

Follow the step-by-step guide below to manually generate a list of patients ready for an upgrade.
  1. Click the Marketing button on the main toolbar.
  2. In the Marketing screen, on the Manual campaigns tab, click Create new.
  3. In the Create campaign dialog box, type a campaign name. Select a communication method. Optionally, you may mark the campaign as a commercial message. Learn more here. Click Create.
  4. On the Manual campaigns tab, open the campaign by clicking the campaign name and clicking View members at the bottom of the screen, or double-click the campaign.
  5. The Selection criteria tab opens. Leave the Primary filter set to <All active clients>. Leave the Patient attributes filter set to OK to mail (or existing filter that appears based on the communication method selected in step 3 above).
  6. Click into the Additional filters section and select Last aid purchase. The default < (before) operator populates. Double-click into the Value field and enter a date of 4 years ago (format: yyyy-mm-dd).

    Optionally, add more filters to further narrow down the targeted list of patients. This image displays patients who are okay to mail and whose last hearing aids were purchased 4 years ago or more as of today.
  7. Click Execute to search for the targeted patients. The Selected patients tab opens. Click Ok on the prompt displaying the number of patients found.
  8. Click any output methods on the bottom of the Selected patients tab including Send email, Print, or Download.

Please contact us at or (877) 686-8410 for additional assistance.

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