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December 14, 2022

My name is Jessica and I am the Software Support and Training Supervisor for Blueprint Solutions. Over the past seven years, I have seen tremendous growth in not only our software but also our fantastic team. 

The Software Support and Training team members are truly the eyes and ears of the company. We do our best to actively listen to you and document suggestions and ideas you have. We forward these ideas to the development team to discuss if and how we can implement these in future versions of Blueprint OMS. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and is the foundation for introducing new and innovative features.

We are also responsible for teaching every new customer how to use Blueprint OMS. We want to ensure everyone is ready for their first day with Blueprint OMS and has the tools to be successful so your clinic can grow and thrive.

We also host continued learning sessions! We run monthly webinars to cover popular features such as marketing automation, online forms, recalls, advanced scheduling, etc. These webinars draw large crowds because they dive into the benefits of using these features and provide guidance on how to implement them.

Our support team is available Monday through Thursday from 8am-6pm CST and Friday 8am-5pm CST. You can easily reach out to us via email, chat, phone, or support ticket. We are proud of consistently earning a 99% customer satisfaction rating year-after-year, so please reach out to us whenever you have a question or would like to learn more! 

Here are a few helpful resources you can review at any time!

We’re looking forward to your continued growth and success with Blueprint OMS!

Jessica Colaw 

Software Support and Training Supervisor

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